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The True Meaning Of Giving BWAQ style

Jean Blackburn - Thursday, December 22, 2011

This year our team adopted a family in need - we sent out a request for donations for food, clothing, gift cards, and gifts for the children. WOW! In the true meaning of giving our team came through with flying colors!

Our family was overwhelmed and very thankful. They couldn't say thank you enough for the gifts under the tree and the food on their table, even grandpa was thankful. Our team members even made homemade decorations for their tree.

We would like to thank our team members for making this families Christmas a special day to remember for years to come. This list is not complete so if your name is not listed please send it to us at

  • Scott L
  • Larry and Lynn G
  • Erica
  • Lee S
  • Mary F
  • Evergreen Workout Group
  • William D
  • Julie and Mary
  • Shannon
  • Pat D
  • Bill and Helen
  • Helen
  • Dwight
  • Wendy
  • Rachel T
  • Angela T
  • Jenn M
  • Stephanie H
  • Ann M
  • Jean B
  • Hugh and Jane M

Due to generous donations from BWAQ a trunk loaded with food went to the family, we donated food to five more families including a family living in a motel in Federal Way, a gift card went to one lucky high school student who wouldn't have had a gift and the balance of the food went to Northwest Harvest.

The families were very surporsed at our generosity and also very thankful!

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