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Big Medal Haul for BWAQ Swimmers at IGLA

Duggan, Pat - Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Big medal haul for BWAQ swimmers at IGLA.

In the pool, Zena Courtney set at least 3 records in the 1500F, 50B & 200B. No word yet if her 1st place 100F also goes into the record books.

Jessie Hickel snagged 1st place finishes in the 800F & 100F and won 2nd place medals in 100B & 400IM.

Out at the lake today, BWAQ swimmers scored 4 for 4 in age group firsts:

Brook Brayman, Zena Courtney, Pat Duggan and Jessie Hickel. Zena was the overall
2-mile non-wetsuit winner and--shocker--yours truly won the 2-mile overall wetsuit honors.
Top prize for "best photo op," however, goes to Mary Ann!

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