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USMS Registration End of the Year Registration starts September 1st

Turley, Angela - Friday, September 06, 2013

End of Year (EOY) Registration starts September 1!

The total membership fee for new swimmers registering for September and October 2013 is $31. If your friends are not yet registered for 2013, now is the time to do it. Get them in the water!

Coaches: if a new swimmer wants to join U.S. Masters between now and September 1 but does not want to swim in a pool or open water event during this month, I suggest that you have them sign the “End of Year Registration” form as a 30 day trial. Then on September 1, the swimmer can register with the reduced fee of $31.

Registration for 2014 will start November 1, 2013. New swimmers will get 14 months (Nov 2013 - December 2014). New swimmers interested in USMS membership in October can use the same strategy for a 30 day trial until the November 1 new registration period opens.

Remember, however, those swimmers may not swim in a meet on a 30-day trial registration. If new swimmers want to swim in the 12th Annual BAMFest on Oct 5, they must have a completed USMS registration - either full year or EOY.

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