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USMS Local Club Of The Year Blue Wave Aquatics!!!

Murphy, Mike - Saturday, September 14, 2013

Greetings BWAQers,

Congratulations! Seek out a loved one and crow a little bit. If you don't have one of those, go out on the street and grab a stranger. You know you want to. Tell him or her (if they don't already know it) that you are a member of Blue Wave Aquatics, and Blue Wave Aquatics just won the USMS Local Club of the Year!
From USMS Club of the Year Award Information:

"USMS began recognizing a Club of the Year in 2006. Great clubs provide strength to United States Masters Swimming. The Club of the Year Award seeks to recognize clubs that exemplify the core objectives of USMS: to Serve, Educate, and Build the membership. USMS has expanded its parameters to recognize clubs in two separate club categories: Regional and Local. A Regional Club is comprised of swimmers who represent their team or workout group at competitions within their LMSC, but represent their club at competitions at the zone and national level. A Local Club is comprised of swimmers who represent their club at all levels of competition.The Club of the Year Award honors a club for more than a single year’s accomplishments." (I highlighted that last section).

Currently BWAQ has about 290 registered members, and we've been growing strong and steady over the last few years. The reason is simple: We have great coaches and great teammates. We've always known we were a great team, and now, like the Tin Man and Cowardly Lion, we have proof! Thank you teammates!

Thank you to Hugh and Jane Moore who represented BWAQ at convention earlier this month. That's them in the picture below holding up the club of the year banner.

Thank you to our coaches Rachel Lambert, Anne Bettencourt, Jenn Mesler, Sharon Wright, Kate Allen, Hailey MacConaghy, and Malcolm Neely, You guys make swimming a blast. We're blessed to have you all. And a very special thanks to head coach Wendy Neely. If our teammates are the body of BWAQ, she's the heart and soul.

Special thanks also goes out to Judy Williams (team treasurer) who felt strongly enough that we were club of the year material that she nominated BWAQ and filled out the required paperwork.

Great job everyone!
Mike Murphy
BWAQ President

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