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Last Gasp of Summer September 21st, 2013

Turley, Angela - Sunday, September 22, 2013


Rain, thunder, lightning was the forecast. Our set up crew, on Friday, got a little taste of what was in store for us Saturday morning - rain and lots of it. NO this was The Last Gasp of Summer, we might get a little bit of rain but it always clears up and is beautiful.

Saturday morning we had all looked at the hour by hour and thought we could sneak The Last Gasp of Summer in before the rain was suppose to hit. We arrived to Angle Lake at 7:30 to beautiful skies with no rain in sight. We set up the race and the swimmers began to arrive - still no rain in sight.

It turned out to be a beautiful day, great races, and a fun picnic after the event. Another successful Last Gasp of Summer!

  • This was the 2nd year for USA Swimmers and they were excited to swim. We had 23 USA Swimmers. 5 swimmers swam the 500 meters, 3 swam the 2 mile event, and 15 swam the 1 mile event.
  • We finally broke 100 USMS swimmers this year! We actually had 108 swimmers compete.
  • USA swimming broke 1 record and set 2 new records - See Results Page
  • USMS swimming broke 26 records and set 5 new records - See Results Page

Blue Wave Aquatics and Valley Aquatics Swim Team would like to thank all the Officials and volunteers on shore, all the lifeguards, kayakers, and Officials in the water for their support! We would also like to thank BUDU Racing for running the race with their awesome staff and timing equipment! And last but not least our Sponsors - WOW another year of amazing sponsors! Thank you to all our sponsors we couldn't have done it without you!

Just Keep Swimming
Title Sponsor of The Last Gasp of Summer 2013
AWC Auto Warehouse Northwest Tri and Bike Person to Person Jockey
Tacoma Chiropractic Clinic Poverty Bay Costco
Sara Lee  Walmart  iSwimUSA
Swim Outlet Trader Joes  

Visit our sponsors, by clicking on their logo!

We hope everyone had a great time at The Last Gasp of Summer - please feel free to leave comments about your experience or the event so that we can improve your experience next year.

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