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30 Day BWAQ Swim Challenge

Neely, Wendy - Thursday, December 19, 2013









Swimming 30 consecutive days can create a new habit, increase fitness levels (efficiency, endurance and speed), and decrease stress and weight.

Declare your start date with a dated photo, or one of you holding that day's newspaper.

Take notes - is your health good or bad? How is your energy level, your starting weight. We recommend a 5 day cleanse to support you on your 30 day swim journey to help add clarity and boost health.

Keep a daily log of your workout and your mental state. What went on that particular day? You can also track your food and water daily.

At the end of your 30 days, take a photo, write a brief summary of your experience and submit it. If you like, we will share your story in our newsletter to help inspire others.

You will also earn a 30 day swim challenge t-shirt!

For more information about the 30 day challenge email Wendy at

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