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Bring your own TP

Neely, Wendy - Monday, March 03, 2014

We are 6 weeks from our annual CHAMPS meet at KCAC on April 12th and 13th and I can’t think of a better way to prepare for the meet mentally and physically than to change things up. The change up will be purposeful, increase fitness and most importantly add an element of adventure/fun. We have made so much progress stroke wise and can’t think of a better way to start wrapping up the short course season.

To play allow you will need to bring your own T.P. T= T-shirt that you don’t mind getting chlorinated and you openness to P= Plank. We will be incorporating skills, pace and speed. Planks played such a huge benefit in stroke perfection we are bringing them back. Not to worry we won’t be planking for a goal of duration. We will be planking with flow and movement. If you would like to add an extra piece bring a baseball cap. If you own your own parachute feel free to bring that on week 2.

Covington: Wet T- Wednesday a.m.
Evergreen: T- Tues. a.m. Wet T Wednesday p.m.
Fife: T- Thursday
KCAC: T- Tuesday a.m. Wet T Wednesday brunch and p.m.
Sumner: Wet T Wednesday a.m. and T-Tuesday night

Each week there will be an element of surprise each week, you’ll never know what the set will look like. Like everything in life there are ways to modify and make both t-shirts and planks work for everyone. I think Eryn Murphy (Mike Murphy’s daughter) said it best. Masters swimming is like a serving size, you can take as the serving (set) is suggested or make the serving work for you however big or small it is.

It would be awesome if everyone participated for this month for it is result oriented! Each coach and venue will be following a similar plan however it’s not a cookie cutter plan. Each venue and coach will be meeting the needs of their swimmers.

Hopefully you except this challenge you will be ready to take on CHAMPS and be able to hop out of the pool (if that’s important to you)☺

Wendy Neely
Head Coach
Blue Wave Aquatics
206 793-9391

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