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Williams, Judy - Saturday, August 29, 2015

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AmazonSmile for Blue Wave Aquatics
In the last newsletter, I wrote about BWAQ financial woes. Amazon is coming to our rescue!
Amazon supports non-profit organizations through the AmazonSmile program by donating .5% of the price of eligible purchases. AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know - same products, same prices, same service.
It’s easy to use. Simply, use the BWAQ AmazonSmile website when you order from Amazon. Please pass this website to your family and friends.
Also, remember to use BWAQ SwimOutlet for your swimming gear. donates 8% of the purchase price for most items to Blue Wave Aquatics.
Sponsors are still needed for Last Gasp of Summer. If you own/manage a business or know someone who might be interested, please use your connections to help support Blue Wave Aquatics. Donations are tax deductible. Contact Sean Mabin to arrange for donation of cash or prizes and Julie Montiel for donation of food for the picnic.
Donations to Blue Wave Aquatics are welcome anytime. The Boeing Company recently donated $1,000 for the 100+ hours Zena Courtney worked on Swim Defiance. Jim Dupree donated $500 to help BWAQ’s financial situation. A big thank you to Zena and Jim!!!
Also, don’t forget to recruit new swimmers. This is the best way to sustain Blue Wave Aquatics and keep dues from increasing.
New fund raising ideas are always welcome.
Thanks for swimming with Blue Wave Aquatics!
Judy Williams
Treasurer, Blue Wave Aquatics
Amazon Smile Account
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