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Turley, Angela - Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Have you seen this months newsletter? If not take a peak - it is full of exciting information about the Champs Meet, some great pictures and a lot more information.

When you see Dan let him know what an AWESOME newsletter this was !!

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Wendy's Report on Champs:

I am still fired up from Champs! We had a record number in participation without me hounding which is awesome. I left for an unheard of holiday the week before the meet and left BWAQ's capable and awesome coaches to support workouts. Talk about gratitude coming back to such greatness. The volunteers were amazing and had a lot of members who weren't swimming support the event through volunteerism. The attendees were very gracies and loved the new sprit wear. logo and the vibe the team gives.

Everyone had solid swims and if it wasn't the best were able to take a win out of the situation. The best part is we had 4 swimmers under 25 and had a handful of 59-69 and everyone else was in between (new demographic) . New members, old members came together in a synergetic way, everyone was blending with everyone. Swim meets are fun, but they are really fun when you are swimming and hanging with lane mates and meeting new people. If there was a swimmer of the meet it would go to Brook. He had lifetime best times in all of his swims. His 400 IM sets him 6th in the USMS top 10. Only Nationals to go. Hold the intention he will have a spot!

Blue Wave won the large division of the meet! Our power comes from numbers. Way to go! For those of you who were wondering Rob blew out his shoulder during a relay and was taken to the ER. No surgery needed, just sore and PT. Thanks to Rachel and Zena for the driving and hospital support. Zach and Jen did an amazing towel splint before he went on his way. Someone took a picture? If this was you could you e-mail it to me please:)

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