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Why Swim?

Mesler, Jen - Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blue Wave Aquatics Swim Team offers fitness swimming and competitive swimming for adults ages 18 and up. Swimmers of all ability levels can find professional assistance in developing and enhancing their strokes.

Why swimming? Swimming is an excellent exercise for those who find it difficult to run, bike or participate in other high impact aerobic activities.  Swimming takes the stress off of the knee and ankle joints, yet works all the muscles in the body simultaneously.  It is also a highly effective way to cross-train and prevent or reduce the risk of injury.

Why Masters? Masters swimming is a national organization that supports swimming for fitness for swimmers 18 years and older.  Their mission is to promote fitness and health in adults by offering and supporting Masters swimming programs.  The swim team workout is a step beyond lap swimming in that there is a coach who provides motivation and feedback for technique and efficiency. Through participation in a structured swim workout, the swimmer’s abilities and knowledge of swimming techniques will improve. In addition to improving the technical aspects of his or her stroke, a swimmer will become healthier physically and mentally.   Swimmers who join Masters will find a community of people with the same goals who can support one another for success. 

One of the goals of Masters Swim Team is for swimmers to improve their knowledge of strokes, their physical abilities, and their swim times.  This program is used to help regulate workouts for serious swimmers and triathletes by providing assistance in building endurance, power and speed. Participation in competitive meets is not required, however, the opportunity is offered throughout the year.  Practices are scheduled throughout the week at various times and places. 

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