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Lane Etiquette

Neely, Wendy - Monday, July 11, 2011

Please take a moment and read about lane etiquette. We want everyone to stay safe, have fun, and have a productive workout environment. Thanks also to everyone who had extra suggestions that you sent in.

  • Check the bad or nervous energy at the door. Distracted minds causes crashes in cars and in the pool. Honor yourself and be present for the workout session.
  • Choose a lane based on your endurance and skill level. If you are not sure ask your Coach.
  • When entering the water, make sure there is a safe distance between you and the incoming swimmer.
  • NO DIVING, JUMPS OR CANNON BALLS in front of swimmers (no joke we have seen a lot of this)!
  • Do your best to be on time. If you are late, you must join in with the set in progress.
  • You must communicate with your lane mates. Communication builds friendships! Communication leads to less frustration.
  • Once a set is given work with your lane to understand, figure out intervals as well as designate a leader of the set. Leaders may very be set.
  • Pull over to the right hand corner of the lane if you want to rest. Creating minimal disturbance in the lane flow.
  • Always stay off the black center-line unless instructed to do so.
  • Pass with care as if you were in your car. Always be aware of on coming traffic! Usually passing in the middle of the pool is the safest place to pass.
  • When passing the passer must have enough speed to go around and get in front of the swimmer quickly. If passing takes all of your energy, passing isn't the solution. Switch places at the wall or give 10 - 12 seconds before pushing off.
  • Hang or stand at the wall side-ways with one hand. Even the 5th person in the lane has the right to finish or hang on the wall
  • Nobody wants a heavy breather on their neck or face. Do this in the gutter or find your personal space.
  • Make your turns in the center of the lane and push off to the right. Avoid head-on collisions!
  • If another swimmer is right behind you when you turn, you are probably going slower than they are - let them pass at the wall, start behind them on the next set.
  • Hang on the wall and allow the faster swimmer to lead.
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