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Neely, Wendy - Friday, August 12, 2011
Congratulations to Zena Courtney for hosting such an awesome race! Awesome finishes from BWAQ members: Miranda Cox,Melissa Braisted Nordquist, Scott Lautman, Scott W. Matthews, Stephen Freeborn, Morgan Adams, Briley Boggs, Jennifer Mesler, Pat Duggan, Dan Smith, Paul Havick, Tom Himmelberger, Bob Litchenwalter, Zena Courtney and Janelle Outerson!
A HUGE shout out to all you BWAQ volunteers!! you are the best group of folks a gal can know! It was so awesome to see these swimmers in such GOOD HANDS! I hope you ALL feel fulfilled and inspired!
Special thanks to: Judy Williams, Julie Montiel and Family, Fern Barrick, Janna Barrick, Jill Mathews, Mike Murphy, Jean Blackburn, Malcolm Neely, Lynn Gross, Megan Holt, Mr. Nordquist and Donna for representing BWAQ through Volunteerism!
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