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Swim Lesson Gear List Product Recommendation List

Neely, Wendy - Monday, March 19, 2012

All products shown and much more can be found on Blue Wave Aquatics' affiliate page of When shopping on please make sure the top banner states you are shopping on Blue Wave Aquatics page.

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Please note that price doesn't always mean the product is good. Once you have the initial investment for fins and paddes they can be used until you lose them or they rot!

Swim Suits -

If you plan on swimming more than one session of lessons invest in a polyester or nylon blend suit. They maintain color, shape and fit longer than lycra suits.

Women's Swim Suits -

You want to be comfortable, make sure the fabric doesn't feel loose. It will get looser in the water. If the suit is uncomfortable when it is dry it will be worse in the water. Speedo, TYR, Dolphin, Blue Seventy, and Arena suits tend to have a pretty standard fit. The Sporti suits are less expensive but tend to run bigger so consider buying a size smaller than you would normally wear.

This is your suit - buy what you are comfortable with! If you want wide straps and more coverage look at the pictures of the suits to make sure you get one that meets all your requirements.

Men's Swim Suits -

If you are planning on swimming more than one set of lessons plan on buying a men's swim suit. Board shorts are fine, but hard and heavy to swim in. Polyester and Nylon blend suits last longer and keep their color/fit better than lycra suits. For the modest swimmer go for the Jammer style suit, which looks more like a bicycle short. Briefs are also worn and it is up to you what you want to wear to practice.


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