Blue Wave Aquatics provides opportunities for adults to achieve success and build confidence in swimming at all skill levels through a variety of programs

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Group, Semi-Private or Private Which Class is Right For You?

Turley, Rachel - Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Blue Wave Aquatics offers group, semi-private or private lessons to adults inspiring to learn or improve their swimming ability.

Group classes usually have between 10 - 15 students of similiar swimming ability. We offer level 1 [beginning swimmers], level 2 [more advanced] and combined classes. If you are not sure what level would be appropriate for you you may contact us by phone: 206-793-9391 or email

Semi-Private Classes can be a combination of 2 or more adults wanting to learn or improve their swimming. Blue Wave Aquatics has multiple combinations of semi-private lessons available. Check out our website for more information on private and semi-private lessons on our swim lesson page.

Private Classes are available for individuals wanting to work on a specific stroke, turn, or dive. They are also perfect for individuals that are not quite ready for a group or semi-private class. More information about private lessons is available on Blue Wave Aquatic's swim lesson page.

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