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Adult Swim Lessons FAQs

Turley, Angela - Tuesday, December 06, 2011

If you are reading this article it means you have taken the first step in signing up for adult swim lessons with Blue Wave Aquatics ~ Congratulations this is the hardest part!

We all have a lot of questions before we want to put on the swim suit, cap and goggles - here are a few of our regular frequently asked questions:

I'm afraid of the water - can you teach me to swim?

Yes! We suggest private lessons for adults that have had tramatic experiences in water or have never learned how to swim. Private lessons allow our coaches to get in the water with you and provide one on one instruction. Our instructors are passionate about teaching adults how to swim and will teach you the necessary skills to overcome your fears and enjoy swimming. Please visit our COACHES PAGE to find a Coach close to your location and discuss your options.

What should I bring to my first swim lesson?

We will be starting your lesson in the water (unless otherwise disclosed) so wear a comfortable swim suit, bring a towel to dry off afterwards, and if you have them bring a cap and goggles. If you don't have a cap and goggles please make sure you hair is pulled back so it won't get in your eyes while you swim.

Do I need to get in shape first?

No, you don't have to be in shape to learn how to swim. Our swim lessons are designed to accomodate all fitness levels. The nice thing about swimming is it will get you into shape without stress on your joints so before you know it you will be getting a great workout!

If I sign up for Blue Wave Aquatics am I joining the Swim Team?

Blue Wave Aquatics offers swim lessons and swim team to all of our members. Signing up for swim lessons does not automatically enroll you in swim team. If and when you are ready to sign up for swim team talk to your Instructor about how to do that online.

I can only swim crawl stroke (freestyle), is that okay?

Yes, most adults can only do one or two strokes when they begin. Our swim lessons will expose you to all the strokes so that you can learn them.

We will be adding more frequently asked questions about adult swim lessons and other programs Blue Wave Aquatics offers. Please feel free to contact Wendy Neely, Head Coach at 206-793-9391 or Here are a few links that will be helpful in your research.

Quick Links:

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