Blue Wave Aquatics provides opportunities for adults to achieve success and build confidence in swimming at all skill levels through a variety of programs

Registration and Joining Tutorial

We have received numerous comments about the login process SO we are providing frequently asked questions and a step by step tutorial on how to work your way through the maze of screens.

The step by step tutorial displays pictures of the pages throughout the process to enlarge the pictures hover your mouse over the picture. We hope this helps and welcome feedback. Please send questions and comments to

Frequently Asked Questions

February, 2011

  • Blue Wave Aquatics (BWAQ) offers our Tri Time series of swim lessons. Tri Time Swimming is a subsidiary of Blue Wave Aquatics
  • Registration for Tri Time swim lessons and Blue Wave Aquatics is completed through Blue Wave Aquatics' club assistant website
  • USMS (United States Masters Swimming) registration is required for all Tri Time swim lessons members and Blue Wave Aquatics members. USMS handles our secondary insurance
  • USMS membership charges an annual fee for membership, please see our Fee Schedule page for current fees
  • Tri Time swim lesson members may sign up for swim team through their BWAQ club assistant account
  • Blue Wave Aquatics members may sign up for Tri Time swim lessons through their BWAQ club assistant account. BWAQ members receive a significant discount for lessons
  • When registering through USMS select the following:
    • Region: Pacific Northwest
    • Club: Pacific Northwest Aquatics
    • Workout Group: Blue Wave Aquatics

Step By Step Instructions

Login or create account on BWAQ's Club Assistant Site Quick Links should match the page title you are on in the registration process. Click on the quick link to jump to that pages tutorial.

Quick Links
First Time User - Non member login
  • Never taken Tri Time Classes and not a member of BWAQ
  • OR have never created a BWAQ club assistant account
Select A
Login Returning User
  • Taken Tri Time Classes or a member of BWAQ
  • AND have created a BWAQ club assistant account
Select B
USMS Registration Verification
  • Never Registered With USMS Select A
  • Don't remember your Number Select B
  • Have a current membership Select C
USMS Registration United States Masters Swimming provides our secondary insurance and is required for all Tri Time swim lesson members and all Blue Wave Aquatic members.
USMS Registration Quick Links
Complete this screen - if you select 'No I have never been a member' continue to the next screen USMS Registration If you are or have been a member of USMS select 'Online Registration' on the quick links. Your form will be shorter than the form shown but it will request basically the same information.
New Member Registration
  • Check that you are over 18 years old
  • Select 'No, I don't know the club's official abbreviation, please guide me'
Login Blue Wave Aquatics and it's subsidiary Tri Time Swimming are both Master programs. Masters simply means adults 18 years and older.
USMS Region Page Quick Links
  • Click on PN on the map
  • OR Select PN - Pacific Northwest from the drop down list
Select Your Club
  • Select 'Pacific Northwest Aquatics - PNA' from the drop down list
Online Registration Quick Links
  • Select your workout group 'Blue Wave Aquatics' from the drop down list
  • There are 6 pages to the registration form: Biographical (this page), Waiver, Fees, Merchandise, Payment, and Receipt
This online registration form registers you with USMS. The current fee for USMS may be found on our Fee Schedule page.
Login Registration with USMS is required for Blue Wave Aquatic members and Tri Time swim lesson members as it is our secondary insurance. Registration with USMS allows you to compete in USMS meets locally as well as nationally. They have a great website that offers information on master swimming, tips for improving and they send out a newsletter. To find out more about USMS visit their website.
Blue Wave Aquatics Registration
You should end up here! This is the registration form for Blue Wave Aquatics. Complete the form verifying that PNA - Pacific Northwest Aquatics is selected in the drop down box. Login
Continue on Registering for a Class or Signing Up For Swim Team

This completes our online tutorial of registering for a Tri Time swim lesson or registering for Blue Wave Aquatics. We hope this helps and welcome feedback. Please send questions and comments to