2024 Member Payment Policy

Please contact Treasurer@BlueWave-Aquatics.com or Membership@BlueWave-Aquatics.com with questions! 

Blue Wave Aquatics (BWAQ) members have the option to opt into monthly recurring payments, or may continue to purchase monthlies through the Event Module.  Blue Wave members who do not purchase a Recurring Monthly Membership or a Monthly Option will be charged the drop-in fee for workouts- no exceptions.  We have also revised the top end of the fee structure and eliminated the 12-swim option.  All 2024 monthly memberships and recurring monthly memberships will follow this fee structure:

    • Unlimited - $115 per month
    • 8 Swim - $80 per month
    • 4 Swim - $56 per month

Monthly Recurring Memberships
For swimmers who generally swim the same amount every month, we will offer the option to set up recurring payments. Monthly recurring memberships have been set up in Club Assistant and will begin May 1st, 2024.  Please read the following rules carefully.  If you select a recurring monthly membership, you are acknowledging that you agree to be bound by the following.

  • Monthly recurring memberships are being offered for your convenience, they are not required in order to swim with BWAQ.
  • Monthly recurring memberships will follow the same fee schedule as the pay-per-month options:
    • Unlimited - $115 per month
    • 8 Swim - $80 per month
    • 4 Swim - $56 per month
  • Unused swims do not roll over to the following months.
  • Monthly recurring memberships cover one swimmer only and may not be shared by two or more members.
  • You will be charged for your monthly recurring membership on the 1st of every month.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your payment method on file is up-to-date. 
  • If BWAQ receives notice that your payment method was declined, you will have ten calendar days to update your payment method or you will be removed from recurring payments for the remainder of the calendar year.
  • If you participate in more workouts than your monthly recurring membership covers, you will be charged the drop-in rate for the additional swims.  Swimmers will be charged for “extra” swims on the last day of each month.
  • Monthly recurring memberships may only be suspended for the following reasons:
    • You move out of the area and will no longer be swimming with BWAQ; or
    • You experience a significant injury or illness that will prevent you from swimming for a minimum of one full calendar month.  For example, if you request a suspension on June 20th due to an injury, the earliest you can reinstate monthly recurring payments will be August 1st.
  • If you request a suspension of your monthly recurring membership for either of the above reasons after payment has been processed for the month, BWAQ will not provide a refund or credit.
  • Suspension of monthly recurring memberships prior to the end of the calendar year may not be requested for any other reason, including, but not limited to:
    • Vacations;
    • Pool closures;
    • Changes in the BWAQ workout schedule; or
    • Changes in your work schedule or availability to participate in workouts.
  • All BWAQ members will have the opportunity to opt out or to opt in to monthly recurring memberships for calendar year 2025 beginning December 1, 2024.

Monthly Pay-As-You-Go Membership
Monthly Pay-As-You-Go memberships will continue to be available for purchase by BWAQ members at the following rates:
  • Unlimited - $115 per month
  • 8 Swims - $80 per month
  • 4 Swims - $56 per month
BWAQ members are free to purchase the monthly option that best suits their workout plans for the month.  Monthly Pay-As-You-Go memberships must be purchased each month by the Blue Wave Aquatics member from the Events module.  If the pay-as-you-go option is not purchased by the deadline, you will default to the pay-per-swim option for that month.

  • Monthly options must be purchased by the second Sunday of each month.  You will be charged at the time of purchase.
  • Swimmers who miss the purchase deadline will be charged the drop-in rate for workouts for the month ($15/swim).
  • Monthly options will not be prorated for partial months.
  • Monthly options cover one swimmer only and may not be shared by two or more swimmers.
  • Unused swims do not roll over to following months.
  • Monthly options will not be modified, and will not be refunded for any reason.
  • Swimmers who participate in more workouts than their monthly option covers will be charged the pay-per-swim rate for all additional swims.  Swimmers will be charged for “extra” swims on the last day of each month.

The pay-per-swim option will remain available to all BWAQ members.  BWAQ members who do not choose one of the above-listed options will be charged the pay-per-swim rate of $15 per workout for every workout they attend.

Workout Registration
BWAQ swimmers who choose a monthly membership or recurring monthly option should not register for workouts.  This will result in a drop-in charge being processed against your account.  Coaches will add monthly swimmers to workout rosters.
Pay-per-swim members may register for workouts in advance, or may allow the coach on deck to add them to the workout roster. 

Payment Methods
Generally, we prefer that members keep a valid credit or debit card on file for workout payments.  If you are a pay-per-swim member and wish to pay check or cash, you must bring payment to each workout.  We will not bill you and you may not be allowed to join the workout if you do not bring payment and do not have a card on file.
If you are a monthly recurring or monthly pay-as-you-go member and wish to pay with a check or with cash, please contact membership@BlueWave-Aquatics.com or Treasurer@BlueWave-Aquatics.com to make arrangements.

If you have any questions about Blue Wave Aquatics’ payment policies, please contact membership@BlueWave-Aquatics.com before purchasing any membership options.

Eff. Jan. 27, 2024